Mountain Sprout

 Tell us how much you love us...Or tell us to go to hell ..or tell us your darkest most depraved obsessions... share your secret bread recipe or whatever you want !!!!

Russell Chapman, Carlsbad CA

Sure wish y'all would come out to the left coast, would love to see you live. That;s all.

Byron Warrington, Little Rock Arkansas

hey guys. last Friday night you played here and I got up after y'alls set and did a wedding ceremony. i spoke with your bad ass stand up bass player. he said he recorded it and was hoping that he could email it to me. thanks again.

Shawn Williams, St. Louis & Eureka Springs

Gents, I'm planning on having my 50th birthday celebration at Off Broadway in St. Louis on Jan. 6th.I'm trying to convince as many of my Eureka Springs friends to come up for the weekend as I can. Just giving you a heads up and welcome back to St. Louis! Should be a blast! Cheers, Shawn E. Williams Former resident of Eureka Springs, AR

llrain, Lansing, MI

Would love to see you all come to Michigan..

jerry , big Lake Alaska

Please send your mailing address to me, Jerry Dickman Po box 521304 Big Lake AK 99652 I want a list of your songs but I don't know much about computers

Ian, Cincy

Been a fan for a while, and saw you guys in Rock Island. It was a good show. Want to show my support and buy your cds..... like all of them. Where can I find or download Good Ol' Gooduns?

Shaun Serafine, Mountain Home, Arkansas(Ecuador Now)

Get yins shiiit together and come play in Ecuador, Yall can crash at my place like ol tymes sake! Except on the ecuator in a Yurt, and freakin bring Nathan and Brandon with ya and any other Mountain Homies along for the ride, though Nathan and Brandon can be your tour guides, and you can jelly your dicks.

Tony Starnes, Fayetteville, AR

I want to see Blayne back!

Billy Ahring, Owensville Missouri

On June 25th I ordered the $60 economy package of 6 cd's and stuff. 2 weeks later still have not received anything, haven't even got confirmation that it has shipped. Sure did get billed though. What the hell? I'm not interested in getting ripped off, just want what I paid for. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave, Phoenix, AZ

Hey Ya'll. I'm sending a photo of my car. I just wanted to show that I'm proudly displaying my Mountain Sprout bumper sticker here in Phoenix, AZ. Anyone following me sees, "Mountain Sprout." If you notice, it is positioned next to my Hendrix sticker, so that is high praise indeed! Come play Phoenix! Here's the link:

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