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Vintage Pornobilly

Grayson Klaubers Original, Pre_sprout Pornobilly CD collection. A must have for every XXXmas stocking

$ 15.00

One More For The Ditch CD

Mountain Sprout 2007 Ten Tracks 1.One More For The Ditch 2.Dry Counties 3.Screw the Gov't 4.Police Come 5.Turkey Buzzard 6.Tweeker 7.Short Time Livin' 8.Blue Marble 9.Whiskey Church of the Greenbud 10.Any Day of the Week

$ 15.00

Into The Sun CD

Mountain Sprout 2008 Thirteen Tracks 1.Into The Sun 2.We Smoke it Here 3.Little Bird 4.Watercolors in the Rain 5.River Float 6.Christian Girlfriend 7.Grampa's Fiddle 8.Never Drink Again 9.Town Drunk 10.Shittin' in the Woods 11.PBR in the Car 12.Petro Lords 13.Home

$ 15.00

Fambilly Hour

Mountain Sprout plays traditional Bluegrass standards on this 17 track CD (yes, we know how to play traditional bluegrass): 1.Sittin' on top of the world 2.Cripple Creek 3.Sunnyside of the mountain 4.Mountain Dew 5.Fox on the run 6.Black Eyed Suzie 7.New River Train 8.Chicken Reel 9.Salty dog blues 10.How mountain girls can love 11.Cindy 12.Dark Hollow 13.Little Maggie 14.Cotton Eyed Joe 15.Freeborn man 16.Rocky Top 17.900 Miles

$ 15.00

Refried CD

17 of our biggest hits rerecorded and mastered onto one great CD. 1.Hangover 2.Dry Counties 3.River Float 4.Screw the Gov't 5.Habits to Feed 6.It Don't Matter 7.Into The Sun 8.Smell the Daisies 9.Turkey Buzzard 10.Little Bird 11.Marijuana 12.Whiskey Church of the Green Bud 13.Shittin' in the woods 14.Short Time Livin' 15.Blue Marble 16.Dang Girl 17.Drinking with Jesus

$ 20.00
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Long Time Comin'

The long awaited new release from Mountain Sprout! 13 Tracks: 1 Hot Young Honey 2 Riding My Ass 3 Money, Pussy & Drugs 4 Give It Your Best Shot 5 Year of Never 6 Hunter Gather Man 7 Pill Popper 8 Halo To Horns 9 Pumpjack 10 After Midnight 11 Stand Up Buckle Up 12 Too Old For This Shit 13 Long Time Comin'

$ 15.00
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Habits to Feed CD

Mountain Sprout 2010 Tracks: 1.It Don't Matter 2.Habits to Feed 3.Drunk and High 4.Cabin Fever 5.Splittin Wood 6.Move Slow 7.Smell the Daisies 8.O.C.C 9.Jam Band Hippy 10.Late For the Show 11.After Party

$ 10.00

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