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 Tell us how much you love us...Or tell us to go to hell ..or tell us your darkest most depraved obsessions... share your secret bread recipe or whatever you want !!!!

Jerry Pool, Wichita, KS

We were planning on seeing you in Wichita on Friday. Just saw a note on the vendors site that the show was cancelled due to the band breaking up. Please tell me this is not true. We love your band & always enjoy your shows.

Sandra Petty, Gravette, AR

I thoroughly enjoyed you at the Cool Water Music Fest, and honestly, none of the other bands could hold a candle to you. They may have played good music, but none of them had the stage presence like your band You behaved as if you were completely at home on stage and all the band members played as if one musical unit...quite well. Can't wait to see you again, I am a huge fan! By the by, Mary's birthday is the 28th of this month (October} and we'll be holding a party for her the weekend after here at our home in Gravette. Would you think about coming for a little while, she would absolutely love it. Hope to see there.

Leo, Minot, ND

Just curious in the booking agents email?.

Ingrid Huffman, Indianola, Ok

Hey... I have farm that is for veterans with PTSD... I"m former Navy Nurse Corps.. and Army Nurse Corps... my boyfriend is a Marine... would love to have you all come sometime .... it would do my boyfriend a world of good to meet another Marine...Thanks for being one also to the lead singer... banjo-ist!

Mike swan, Washington MO

Hi. Great show. I bought a couple cool cups but was looking for a sticker. You said to contact you and you would send ione. Thanks. Fellow musician.

Russell Chapman, Carlsbad CA

Sure wish y'all would come out to the left coast, would love to see you live. That;s all.

Byron Warrington, Little Rock Arkansas

hey guys. last Friday night you played here and I got up after y'alls set and did a wedding ceremony. i spoke with your bad ass stand up bass player. he said he recorded it and was hoping that he could email it to me. thanks again.

Shawn Williams, St. Louis & Eureka Springs

Gents, I'm planning on having my 50th birthday celebration at Off Broadway in St. Louis on Jan. 6th.I'm trying to convince as many of my Eureka Springs friends to come up for the weekend as I can. Just giving you a heads up and welcome back to St. Louis! Should be a blast! Cheers, Shawn E. Williams Former resident of Eureka Springs, AR

llrain, Lansing, MI

Would love to see you all come to Michigan..

jerry , big Lake Alaska

Please send your mailing address to me, Jerry Dickman Po box 521304 Big Lake AK 99652 I want a list of your songs but I don't know much about computers

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